Aviation Services

Lease Financing
Infinity Transportation provides lease financing for a broad range of commercial aircraft and engines from the major manufacturers. Transactions include sale leasebacks with airlines and the acquisition of aircraft under existing lease from a third party. We also provide pre-delivery payment (PDP) finance, secured and un-secured debt finance for suitable credits, and can work with manufacturers to support their delivery streams.

Debt Financing
We offer the marketplace the ability to finance complicated transactions that may not be suitable for banks or other financial institutions. Infinity can provide debt to help fill a financing gap in today's marketplace. Typically this debt is provided on a term basis under a subordinate or mezzanine arrangement, but  equity and other types of bridge loans can also be provided.

Bond and Debt Trading
Infinity Transportation will acquire financial instruments tied to commercial aircraft. These could include EETCs, ETCs, Pooled Aircraft ABS debt as well as distressed debt.