• Open, flat-deck car with tie-down points to secure loads
  • Segmented in the market by center partition, length, weight capacity
  • Used for loads that are too large or cumbersome for enclosed cars, such as boxcars. This includes general merchandise, iron or steel products, logs, lumber, miscellaneous mixed shipments, railroad ties, steel pipe, transportation equipment
  • Can also carry intermodal containers

There is a broad range of flatcar types built for specific commodities. If a flatcar type becomes obsolete due to market conditions they can often be adapted for another service type.

Some specialized flatcar types include:

  • Bulkhead flatcars which have a wall at each end of the car to prevent load shifting during transport
  • Centerbeam flatcars designed to carry building supplies
  • Spine cars which have no decking and are designed exclusively for the movement of intermodal containers